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Lua Rocks! - screenshot

Lua Rocks! is a game inspired by Atari's "Asteroids". Lua Rocks! is developed in Lua to demonstrate some graphical capabilities of NCLua platform.

The objective of Lua Rocks! is to score as many points as possible by destroying asteroids. The player controls a spaceship that can move left and right, uo and down and fire shots straight forward.

Use the arrow keys to move the spaceship and enter (ok) to shoot.

Objects do not wrap around screen edges - for instance, an asteroid that drifts off the top edge of the screen comes back in the same collision angle and continues moving in this direction. As the player shoots asteroids, they break into smaller asteroids that frequently move faster and are more difficult to hit. Smaller asteroids also score higher points.

Francisco Sant'Anna
TeleMidia Lab - Informatics Department - PUC-Rio

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